Create for the Sake of Creating

A while ago, I collaborated with producer/engineer extraordinaire Jeremy Hatcher and released solo music for the first time in years. We made melodic, intentional and, most importantly, LOUD rock and roll. I fucking loved it. Trevor Larkin the singer/songwriter was officially a thing, and that was enough. As a chronic over thinker, is was oddly ok just handing the reigns over to the universe, trusting it'd make sense when the time was right. I happily returned to Allen Stone land and the songs, just as happily, quietly existed.

A few people streamed them, a few more dropped a couple bucks on iTunes, and, eventually, I began receiving messages here and there - would I be interested in a short run vinyl pressing? Could we put All That I Want in rotation? I'm happy these songs are finding their humble way.

Big melodies and even bigger guitars - does it get any better? Check the songs out, if you like. I posted the solo section from All That I Want on Instagram, too.