After being sick for the entire month of March and needing all of April to convince myself it’s ok to push my body again, I’m back to running around, playing basketball, lifting weights and being, in general, a more jovial so-and-so. 

While doing gym stuff, I put on a rock/punk/metal record and listen through the entire thing - when the record’s over, so’s the workout. Ramones days are sweet and merciful. Tool days are not. 

Today’s record was Leaving Through the Window by Something Corporate, an all-time favorite from the early 2000’s pop/punk wave. Andrew McMahon is a special dude. Jack’s Mannequin - his first post-SoCo project - was the first band to take the Allen Stone crew out on a major tour, and he’s been a friend and mentor ever since.

I could wax on about his talent, professionalism and all that kinda jazz, but what struck me most during that initial run was a moment backstage at the Vogue Theater in Vancouver BC. McMahon's paying his electric bill over the phone. He’s polite, disarmingly so, and when the call’s over he puts his feet up and smiles, satisfied and at peace. Now, I’m aware this is far removed from the “cocaine and hookers” stereotype and therefore uninteresting to live vicariously through, but for a clover-green touring douche like myself it was profound. Andrew McMahon, a multi-millionaire who achieved success early in life, the clear boss of a touring party a dozen or so strong, finds solace in quotidian-ass shit. 

This kabuki-like existence of traveling the world and playing music is awesome, but life outside the privilaged bubble sustains us. That’s what’s real.