Industry Town or No?

I’ve been receiving lots of questions via email lately, glad you guys are getting something out of this newsletter! Keep 'em coming.

Yesterday, a three part question hit my inbox which I’ll address over the next couple posts.

Part 1: Should I move to an industry town?

Honestly? No. Probably not. At least not yet. 

I travel all over the world, lucky swine that I am, and every major city has a pretty cool music scene. Provided there's an internet connection, you can share your art with whomever from wherever, never spending a minute in Santa Monica traffic or bankrupting yourself on rent.

Take the Allen Stone project. We formed in Seattle, a town steeped in musical tradition but as far removed from the industry as I am from the NBA. And thank god: we could make mistakes and figure out who we were without unsavory pressure from assorted reptilian douchebags. On paper, the band doesn’t make a lick of sense, and I’m sure someone would’ve tried to fuck with the chemistry had we formed in Silverlake or Williamsburg rather than Wallingford. Through trial and error, we gradually built momentum, discovered touring, stuck with it and fortunately broke through.

Where can you create most freely? Where do you feel supported? Where are you happy? If the goal’s a sustainable career making great art, these are questions worth asking.

I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when it was time to move to Nashville. The universe has a way of guiding your hand when you're ready. But in order to get there, it's all about maximizing potential where you’re at. More on this tomorrow…