And so wraps an inspiring and all-too short run with my compadres in the Positive Agenda and Huntertones! Just the kick in the ass I needed to get my fingers back into shape, lest the Berklee Illuminati revoke my degree.

Swatty is the best talkbox player in the world. This isn’t just me singing my friend’s praises - ask any keyboard player you happen to meet. The man’s already a legend, and I feel his story’s just beginning. It’s unicorn rare knowing someone who’s legitimately the best at something, and an absurd privilege sharing stage left with said someone in a glob-trotting soul band. I'm lucky.

And the Huntertones are fucking gargantuan - unbelievably musical and unique. A band in the truest sense. 

Swatty and the Huntertones are exactly where they need to be. My path’s less defined. But my friends believe in me, and I think I believe in me, too. So, I’m going to wake up early, work really hard and try my best to pay attention. With luck, I’ll find a yellow brick road worth following.