Music Biz 2018

Mark your calendars, folks!

I’ll be moderating a panel on May 14 at Music Biz 2018 - the Music Business Association’s 60th anniversary conference - right here in Nashville. We’ll be discussing balancing art and industry, which readers of this newsletter know is pretty much my favorite thing to pontificate about.

This conference is a big deal and registration fills up quickly. Here’s the website. Judging by the panelists, companies, labels etc in attendance, it's guaranteed to be insightful. I grant you that I, a panelist, am writing this while rocking a free Lagunitas hoodie and eating peanut butter straight out of the jar, but hopefully this is an endearingly nonchalant depiction of genius, kinda like that poster of Einstein sticking his tongue out, and in no way dissuades you from attending the conference.