Fast or Slow?

I participated in an industry panel a little while ago, and the discussion culminated in a rapid fire question round - you know, “Beatles or Stones,” “Fender or Gibson,” that kinda thing.

The final question, though, was pretty compelling:

Fast or slow? 

In telling fashion, I paused for a moment, mulled my answer over, and settled on “slow.” I was the only panelist to answer in this way, and I could hear recently filled Adderall prescriptions rattling in the designer handbags of flabbergasted go-getters. 

For the sake of those sweating profusely from socially acceptable amphetamine addiction, I elaborated:

I interpreted the question as “distracted versus intentional” because, as artists, that juxtaposition is far more apt to what we deal with every day. Busy - ie fast - is the new normal - for all intents and purposes, we all have demanding careers, family lives and diverse interests. If we want to create and share the best art possible, then, how do we make it happen?

The best art manifests when we take a moment to breath, quiet our minds and infuse lyrics, melodies and chords with the beautiful chaos of our lives. And that requires slowing down. That requires intention. Perhaps it’s best not vice gripping the utility out of every waking hour - ostensibly "crushing it" - and instead cultivating an environment where we can put forward our most holistic selves.

I doubt I’ll be asked back to this particular panel, but I was a force for good in the world, if only for an afternoon.