More Lucky Than Tough

I've spent the entire month of March traveling with the flu, never having adequate recovery time and generally being reckless with my physical health. I went to the hospital a couple days ago for some IV rehydration therapy, and the doctor was astounded by everything I've pulled off recently, impressed I think by my performing as sick as I was but also admonishing me for being out in public in the first place. I've been way sicker than I've allowed myself to acknowledge - it turns out I've put myself in some borderline dangerous situations and easily could've wound up in the hospital with more serious complications. I've been more lucky than tough. 

The upside of being this sick is I've taken several long, hard looks in the mirror, and I'm recommitted to a healthy diet, consistent fitness regimen and general "health first" mentality. I come from the kinda punk rock ethos of throwing nebulous exuberance at a thing, confident I'll eventually wear the thing down. This is good when you're in the early stages of your touring career for example, eating bologna out of the packaging and "showering" in a rest stop sink, but not so great when a little common sense is all that's needed to keep you out of the goddamn hospital.

I'm excited to see how healthier decisions will impact my creativity. It's all about making good art after all, and I feel myself entering a prolific chapter.