Yesterday was a busy day here in LA, meetings with folks in the Allen Stone camp and various hangs with legendary characters. 

It’s a tense time in Allen land. Not in a negative way - there’s just a whole lot going on. Our booking agent’s routing a major tour (!), management’s coordinating with the label about first and second singles (!), and the band’s, well, generally being fantastic.

Things are in the works ladies and gentlemen, and everyone’s so absorbed in their respective worlds that no one’s talking. And that's bad - people start connecting dots they have no business connecting, and before you know it there’s a ludicrous plot line running rampant, rife with conspiracy theories and all manner of unpleasant ballyhoo. Part of my reason for visiting LA’s so I can sit down with our team and be a human being in the room rather than a line in an email. Let’s drink some wine, reconnect and just slow everything down for a minute.

Releasing a record at this level’s an insanely involved process, and it was necessary for me to experience again first hand what everyone’s days look like and who’s doing what and why. We haven’t put out new music or toured in a major way in a long time, and I’ve grown disconnected from our team. I’m grateful for being able to look long-time colleagues in the eye and restore a little humanity to the craziness.