I’m bracing for retaliation as Tom Brady colludes with our reptilian overlords, but I have plenty of canned food and booze so go ahead and try starving me out.  

What a game!  Entertaining, the most combined yards in NFL playoff history, and who doesn’t love an underdog?  This is great for the game, a changing of the guard, and I’m stoked for Nick Foles- a player who’s been thrown under the bus time and time again, a journeyman QB now Superbowl MVP.  The guy's earned it, and god knows how much money he'll ask for, and likely get, next season.  Almost zero chance he’ll stay in Philly.  

Speaking of Philly, it brings me great joy when teams win championships from cities where people are guaranteed to celebrate by lighting shit on fire.  I was in Seattle when the Seahawks won the big game, and hipsters kinda sorta danced in the street, as much as one can wearing skinny jeans, and craft beer's lack-luster fuel for wanton vandalism.  No such issues in Philly, and I wanted to kiss the collective population right on the mouth.  It took me a few trips to wrap my head around the great city of Philadelphia, but now it’s one of my favorite tour stops.

I’m listening through dailies from the Sound Emporium sessions, and even these rough mixes sound amazing.  Can’t wait to hear what Jamie does over the next few weeks, left to his own devices.  He’ll no doubt go fully bonkers.  Star Trek level nerd shit.  What will our reptilian overlords think?

Here's a picture of me singing about my feelings in between takes.  A whole lotta that coming your way over the next few months.