Thank You

A bunch of friends are heading out on the road this week, and while I’m excited for them I can’t help suffering from serious FOMO. I mean, the last time I was on a tour bus was August of 2016. Twenty sixteen, for god’s sake. 

That said, I’m grateful for the past year and some change. I’ve launched exciting new projects, successfully grown vegetables and generally live more compassionately in the calm before the storm. But goddammit do I miss the road. It’ll be my turn soon enough, I know. 

Mostly, I’m just thankful for my friends: for being courageous, sharing their art and not becoming accountants, or becoming accountants, realizing the catastrophic implications and ditching that shit for gas station coffee and stale House of Blues nachos. To all my pals piling into vans, busses and planes - you're legends. The purpose of art, according to Pablo Picasso, is washing the dust of daily life off our souls, and our current situation just seems grimed with foulness. Thank you for sharing your stories, flying in the face of convention and generally kicking complacency square in the happy sacks. And you best believe I’m gonna double tap that selfie. 

Travel safe, my friends.