Learn To Listen To Your Heart

Every Wednesday starting, well, today, I’ll be releasing one mic, one take videos of original songs! 

My buddy Trey McDermott (the most effortlessly cool human being in the world) has been wanting to get into video production, and I’ve been wanting do a weekly song project for a while, so we figured it’s time to carpe that diem, baby!

The audio’s legit one mic, one take - zero editing, no-nothin’ - captured by my Zoom H6, discretely tucked away just off camera. The video’s a comp of the keeper take and a couple prior passes (I think we did four takes total). 

If you read The Mind of a Trevor regularly, you know I have zero shame when it comes to learning and sharing (over-sharing, arguably) in public. I'm excited to see where this new project goes.

Here’s a link to the video.

Learn To Listen To Your Heart

learn to listen to your heart

though it may be soft spoken

it’s a look in your eyes, a sorrow disguised, a stitch in the seam

long ago, a betrayal

the gun’s no longer smoking

it’s the worst of your fears, having years disappear like some snow in a stream

learn to listen to your heart


learn to listen to your heart

says a father who's dying

as you sit hand in hand, you think you might understand what a coward you’ve been

she’s bound to let you down, he says

if you’re in luck, drive you mad

‘cause it’s a gift to know that you’ll drift on a lunatic plan

learn to listen to your heart


there are no sweet dreams 

til the nightmares come to play

there are no home teams 

in a nomad’s wandering ways

and I can’t believe my destiny’s to be a tyrant in torn blue jeans

in a world where the truth can lie

and the sweetest dreams may die

so I’ll re write my part 

and learn to listen to my heart