I picked up a good buddy from the airport last night and he was over the moon, having just been hired to play keys for a very cool artist. What was previously a pretty empty spring’s now insanely busy, and my humble Toyota Corolla can barely contain his excitement as we zip along the I-40, as much as a Toyota Corolla can “zip” anywhere.

My buddy beat out an extremely gifted and well-known piano player for the gig (who shall remain nameless) and delights in telling me the reason why.

“I get a call from the artist, and he’s like yeah, so, I normally tour with that other dude, and he’s a beast, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. The fucking guy snores. Like a lumberjack. I mean, it’s the loudest thing I've ever experienced. Last time out, I barely slept. I can’t do it again. You don’t snore. You’ve got the gig.”

Often, we’re hired not because of the things we do, but the things we DON’T do.

So, aspiring artists, open your nasal passages, drink plenty of water, and maybe change your sleeping position. Your livelihood could depend on it.