Fool's Gold

Harrisburg! If someone had asked me yesterday what the state capital of Pennsylvania was, I would’ve kindly asked them to leave me alone, but its turns out it’s the place I’ve just emphasized with an exclamation point, on account of our being here. 

As retribution for my being unkind towards Florida, a state blessedly devoid of windchill, the universe has dropped temperatures to the point that it’s officially uncomfortable to walk around and explore, and one of the reasons I love this part of the country is the stalwart Pennsylvanian, dressed in shorts and flip flops, openly ridiculing my puffy jacket and hunched posture. And I do love it here - I think it’s the realism bred grit, that you wake up early and work all day, and that’s just the way it is, and what’s so great about obliterating your liver under a palm tree, anyway? 

It’s a well-timed reminder that I’m here to do a job, one that I love beyond measure, and whatever on tour opulence comes with my dubious status as a “band guy” should be acknowledged as the fool’s gold that it is.