Jet Lag Anecdotes

I’m writing this with my feet up on a road case, faithful band mascot/punching bag Chad and I unsuccessfully staying out of the way of our busy crew. Tyler’s just arrived, the rest of the band’s navigating the Thunderdome that is baggage claim at LAX, and soon our greater-LA area rehearsal space will come to life with funky(ish) jams and exuberant tambourine break downs.

It’s a little tricky concentrating over the slug beat jamtronica soundtrack courtesy of Carter “Mountain Goat” Adams (lighting tech extraordinaire), and a schmuck in a jazz hat, with his feet up no less, pecking away at his laptop isn’t endearing in the eyes of an already overworked Ryan “Bear” Drozd. Best, I think, to wrap this up and make a coffee run for my prickly, under-caffeinated friends.

Day 1 of rehearsals for the Big Tour’s officially underway! More hazy with jet lag anecdotes to follow…