Gleeful Cadence

After a series of theater dates (and a few theatres), we played a small club in Tucson last night, and it was such a joy.

Within high fiving distance from me and Swatty, a middle school aged girl enjoying her first concert can’t help but dance out of sheer exuberance, intermittently staring up at Allen in disbelief. I want to jump off stage and reaffirm that, yes, a grown human being can, and arguably should, be that ridiculous. Across from Tyler, a forty-something in 2012-era Allen Stone schwag sings along with every song, full-on belly laughing when not visibly teary eyed. I give him a big hug post show, and a handful of guitar picks to the young girl, now dancing to her own gleeful cadence. 

It feels like we’re finally on tour - just the band, crew, and diehard fans, all riding the wave in real time, together.