Faux Indignation

I’m writing this in the basement green room of the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, soundcheck fast approaching for our first of two shows in this funky, gothic room.

Playing in LA can be challenging - industry hangers-on and wannabe socialites drowning out genuine fans and earnest aspiring artists - but thankfully we’re at a place now where the thing kinda speaks for itself, and we can relax into the trust we have for one another and enjoy being buffoons. Sure, some “friend of management” will drink all our booze, but I’m sitting next to my pal and stage manager Steve “Bluto” Libby, a new guitar’s arriving for me in a couple minutes, and I’d be a real sonofabitch if I wasted additional keystrokes on what is ultimately faux indignation. 

Tomorrow’s sold out, but there’re still a few tickets available for tonight. LA friends, if you read this in time, come hang out, would love to say hi.