Doing More

San Francisco today at the sold out Regency Ballroom. This is one of the few rooms in SF I’ve never played - thank you, Bay Area friends, for packing the place out.

I’m excited to play music tonight, but walking around the Tenderloin, I’m reminded that as incredible a town as this is - and it is amazing - few places in America highlight the growing socioeconomic chasm more alarmingly. Facebook employees and tech start up types on their way to the latest third wave coffee joint, yoga mats tucked firmly under arm, literally stepping over homeless people under soiled blankets. Just around the corner from the venue, a tent city shares the block with Tesla and Lamborghini dealerships. That we’ve become aggregiously misaligned as a society is undeniable, and while my deep affection for this town remains intact, I can’t help but feel dispirited. 

I’m grateful for travel revealing the true nature of things, and I’m inspired to do more - with my time, resources, creative energy, and love to give.