In and Out

Writing a daily newsletter when you’re not 100% sure what day it is is a unique challenge, and as I’m about to cross the international dateline again, I hope my streak of writing something everyday since Jan 1 remains unbroken.

An important and unheralded aspect of discipline’s getting yourself back on track when life happens. The MoaT is a gentle exercise in accountability, and I’m amazed how the mindfulness of writing a little something everyday carries over into everything else.

So, here I am, composing a quasi interesting annecdote on my phone while waiting to board a flight to a place overrun by Bird scooters, feeling good about doing the thing I said I was going to do. I seem to be the least sweaty person here, which is rare.

In theory, by the time you’re reading this I’ll be eating In and Out (animal style, of course) with tour manager Ryan “Bear” Drozd, backline/stage manager Steve “Bluto” Libby, and production manager Tim “Tim” Burke. Tour rehearsals start in a couple days.