Al Stone Recording Sessions, Day 1

Ok, we’re here.  Sound Emporium in Nashville.  Allen Stone and the Electric Mayhem featuring Tyler Carroll, Record Numero 3.  

We’re bringing 18 tunes to the studio.  I think eight or so are better than anything we’ve ever done.  Two are timeless.  And there are a handful that need serious massaging, which is normal but annoying.

But this is why Day 1’s exciting!  Right now, Sound Emporium’s just a vibey room filled with cased up guitars, dusty amps and one bespectacled hipster musician (hi).  But I know music lives in each of those guitars, and every amp will hum into life riffs and melodies as yet undiscovered.  It's up to me to find them, and challenge accepted.

The studio’s quiet, but soon the Gang of Assholes arrive.  Jay will play something cool and Swatty will go weedly wee and Tyler will make a bass face and I’ll FaceTime our tour manager Ryan “Bear” Drozd and play a guitar solo at him.  It'll be less trance-like state of elevated consciousness and more hacking wildly in the general direction of the ol' music piñata: aka what we do best.  

On Day 1, there’s a hint of a record, the Task at Hand.  On Day 10, we’ll have the next chapter in the Allen Stone Fencing Collective.  We’ll have “it.”  

I don't know how we'll get there, but it’s gonna be fun finding out.  Sunglasses emoji.