Update from the Stonerverse

Getting started is the hardest part.  Diligent musicians as we are, we’re usually still tasting the toothpaste at a gentleman’s noon, and that second pot of coffee’s perfect fuel for GTA rampage missions.  Naturally, those Bastards Must Pay. 

Adolescent bloodlust satiated, it’s time for lunch.  On this day, lunch consists of a banana, ice cream and the guilt from appreciating a surplus of corn syrup and potassium does not a hit record make.  But we do eventually settle into the project studio, fire up some amps and begin tossing ideas around.  The surrounding evergreens, perennial overseers of our lakeside retreat, rustle an underscore of judgement through a brisk, reluctantly summery breeze.  Get to work, Meat Sacks.  

We’re writing songs, everybody.  Good ones, lots of them, and they’re coming easily.  Our process has been kinda sorta under wraps, but I’m telling you now that the next chapter of Allen Stone and His Merry Men is well underway.  We’ve got two solid record’s worth of material and we’re super stoked.  It’s a 100% collaboration within the band and you can hear each member's unique creative voice in every tune.  The vibe’s eclectic and, for those of you who’ve seen a show, sounds very much like us.  One final writing session to be on the safe side and we’ll have it.  I think we already do.  

It’s an exciting feeling, knowing in your gut there’s something magical being made.  

We're just five friends, two pooches and one infinitely patient Aussie angel in a cabin somewhere deep in the heart of Bigfoot country, trying our best to be real good.  

Thank you all for being patient.  It’s worth it, I promise.