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Ramblings on music, creativity and every tangent these invite.  Featuring Trevor Larkin, Jeremy Hatcher and guests.

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Jon McLaughlin is a songwriter, pianist and solo artist. We chat about being a solo artist vs. the front man of a band, $50,000 tips and playing Billy Joel's piano.

Matt Wigton is a bassist, producer, songwriter and general Wearer of Many Hats. We chat about combating complacency, embracing new creative outlets as business opportunities and clown costumes in the Reno airport.

Derek Wells is an acclaimed Nashville session guitarist. Derek's one of the most recorded musicians in America- if you've listened to country radio over the past decade, you've enjoyed his handiwork. We discuss Derek's insane schedule, transition from successful road dog to first call studio ninja, and refreshingly wholistic view on crafting guitar parts and making records.

Jon Dragonette is a photo journalist and general photography bad ass. We chat about artistic integrity and intention in the Trump era, combating art's devaluation, and the beauty of two wheel vehicles.

Donna King is a songwriter, producer, and angelic force for good in the world.  In a candid conversation, she shares her experiences supporting family through addiction recovery and being a liberal Christian musician in Trump's America.  This is a good one, folks.

Devon Gilfillian is a soul singer, songwriter and the nicest guy in show business. We talk about the restorative powers of high fructose corn syrup, the awesomeness of Red Rocks and keeping the creative well full.

Tom Beaupre is a songwriter, producer and bassist for Florida Georgia Line. We discuss maintaining sanity on the road, producing disclaimer free music, infinity pools and the absence of oversized checks.

Rocky Block is a Nashville based soul singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. We discuss growing up around Nashville music royalty, embracing our inner music nerd and the magical healing powers of a little known musician named Stevland.

Andrew Galucki is a Nashville based artist, website operator and podcaster ( - We discuss intention, personal evolution, branching out and the moose of New Hampshire

Dani Elliott ( is a Nashville based vocalist and songwriter. We discuss the Brooklyn hipster epidemic, Allen Stone tours of yesteryear and being gloriously strange (from time to time).

Andrew McMahon is an acclaimed singer/songwriter. After tremendous success with pop-punk darling Something Corporate and piano-rock mainstay Jack's Mannequin, he now fronts and tours the world with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  Andrew, Trevor, Jeremy and Zac Clark reminisce about past tours, discuss how to maintain a multi-decade career and extol the magic of certain mushrooms.

Zoe Yarborough ( is a Nashville based artist manager with LEX Music Group. She chats with Jeremy and Trevor about embracing the new music landscape, the country music version of the Odyssey and never, never, NEVER paying slimeballs.

Danny Stevens is a Nashville based artist and songwriter. He chats with Jeremy and Trevor about balancing productivity vs. burning out, how the creative muse is rarely fueled by chili dogs and embracing new chapters.

Jess Nolan is a Nashville soul artist. We talk about maintaining stage composure, the transcendent Joni Mitchell and The Perfect Song. Listen to Jess's single "Your Gravity" at the end of the episode.

J. Human ( is a Nashville based pop/soul artist and writer. We chat about the exploding soul scene in Music City, how yachts are overrated and balancing patience vs persistence.

Jeffery Bensmiller is a drummer, merch guru at Manhead Merchandise and all-around badass creative soul. We chat about artist development in the merch world, common tour merch pitfalls and fanboy hard on all things metal/hardcore.

Chance McCoy (@therealchancemccoy, is a Nashville based multi-instrumentalist and member of Old Crow Medicine Show. He chats with Jeremy and Trevor about the changing role of major labels, channeling Bob Dylan and the coolest father/son vacation in the history of the world.

Acclaimed soul singer Allen Stone ( sits down with Trevor and Jeremy. Heavily caffeinated, we discuss meditation, NBA stars branching out into hip-hop and coping with fame.

Travis Ball ( is a Nashville based Mixer/Engineer. We mull over setting yourself up as a musical service provider, developing a sense of community and working without disclaimers.

Ryan "Bear" Drozd (@makethislouder) is the production manager for Allen Stone. We chat about the magical powers of caffeine, effective vs ineffective multi-tasking and what Trevor does on the road that annoys him. Bear's amazing ska band, Steady Habits, melts your face at the end of this episode!

Jessica Anderson ( is a comedian and producer of the online comedy series Oil & Martyr. This week, we hash over occupational transitions, cultivating the creative environment and the monkey mind. Take a listen to an audio clip from an Oil & Martyr skit at the end of this episode!

Tyler Vinatelli ( is the vocalist for Nashville based post-hardcore band Foreverandnever. We discuss the van as a sacred place, growing up with punk rock in Mississippi and using your powers for good. Take a listen to Foreverandnever's latest single, Promises, at the end of this episode!

Caleb Hooper (@cthoop,,, is a Nashville based touring and session bassist. We chat about balancing touring and family life, the origins of reggae guitar and running marathons. Check out his rock trio, The Brunswick, and their latest single "vautour a la Fin du monde" at the end of this episode!

Katie Pruitt (@katiepruitt) is a talented Nashville based singer/songwriter. We discuss finding your artistic voice, the Great State of Georgia and owning being a badass. Katie's latest single, Ordinary, is featured at the end of this episode!

Josh Nelson (@thejoshnelson) is a prolific Nashville based guitarist, songwriter and one half of Future Crew Productions. We enjoy a fascinating conversation covering a wide range of topics including the Ketogenic diet, creative routines and Jeff Buckley's short-lived stint at GIT. He encourages you to drop him a line at, and you really should.

Lemuel Hayes (, @lemuel.wav) is a versatile touring and session drummer based in Nashville, TN. Check out the latest single from one of his artists, Cindy Wilson, at the end of this episode!

Joshua Ketchmark is an insanely prolific songwriter/producer based in Nashville, TN. Check out his latest single, 17, at the end of the this episode!, @joshuaketchmark

Samantha Frances of Frances and the Foundation (, @francesandthefoundation riffs on all things touring, the righteous bass guitar and Emerald City nostalgia. Check out Frances and the Foundation's latest single, Hey man, at the end of this episode!

Singer/Songwriter Jessica Cayne (, @jessicacayne) chats with Jeremy and Trevor about mindfulness, work ethic, British national treasures and coconut creamer. Check out her new single, Can't Stop, at the end of this episode!

Manager extraordinaire Nathan James Dohse ( chats with Trevor and Jeremy about all things music biz, self-care and pop-punk royalty.

Nashville based drummer, producer and photographer Jeremy Abbott ( chats with Trevor Larkin and Jeremy Hatcher about the importance of exploring your surroundings, intellectual curiosity and Stevie Wonder. Jeremy also curates the massively popular @AbandonedNashville.  

Singer/Songwriter Ross Livermore (@rosslivermore, sits down with Jeremy Hatcher and Trevor Larkin.  Topics include songwriting, Disney classics, progressive metal and recording his upcoming album, This Is Not Forever.  Ross plays at the Country in Nashville on April 27th.

Trevor Larkin, Jeremy Hatcher and Trey McDermott sit down with Foreverandnever bassist Josh Dawn.  Conversation topics include Chuck Norris's chest hair, the importance of band dynamic and belts for ill fitting pants.