Fear Inoculum

Loyal MoaT readers (thank you) know how big of a Tool fan I am, and yesterday the band released their first single in thirteen years, “Fear Inoculum.”

Tool is a weird band of snobby nerds who like what they like and don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything else. And for that, I want to kiss each of them on the mouth.

I mean, a ten and a half minute, meandering prog-metal opus about “allegorical elegies” is #1 trending on YouTube. What’s not to like?

The band has broken, redefined, then broken again just about every rule you can think of, stuck to their guns unapologetically, and made uncool, impenetrable music about who the hell knows what for decades. On paper, they make zero goddamn sense, and yet they’re staggeringly popular.

The lesson is obvious and refreshing - no one in our industry has the faintest idea what’s going on, so form a band with your friends, write music with an authentic voice, and put it out into the world however makes you happy.