Steve "Bluto" Libby

Below, you’ll see a picture of myself and Steve Libby, hereafter referred to as Bluto (his self-applied nickname).  

We’re wearing genie pants. You’re jealous, and I understand why- they are fantastic trousers.  However, they pale in comparison to the gloriously bearded man who fills them.  

Tour managing is, in my opinion, the toughest job in music. Countless hours of advancing, pre-production, massaging egos and navigating logistics so convoluted that Stephen Hawking would throw up his hands (if he were able) are met by spoiled band nitwits complaining they can’t find catering. Tour managing is hard, and it takes a special kind of badass to pull it off.  

Bluto is that badass. He’s a buddha, enforcer and raconteur of the highest order. Spend an evening at the bar with this man and you’ll never laugh so hard again in your life, or feel so welcome.  

I met Bluto years ago while he was playing bass in Tommy and the High Pilots, now Beta Play. He impressed me immediately with his gregariousness and maniacal work ethic. A decade of over night drives and hauling gear up and down stairs does one of two things to a person- A) they break, quit music and generally hate the world or B) cultivate infinite patience, humor and crystalline perspective. Bluto is the latter. On more occasions than I can count, he’s sat up with me until the wee hours talking about life, the universe and New England sports dynasties. He worked for us as a backline tech for a time and immediately took on two or three additional jobs without complaint. Bluto saw something needed doing and did it. I respect the hell out of that. 

Steve Libby is evidence that hard work really does pay off. Persistence is much more valuable than bravado. I know many wildly successful people whose lives will never be as full as mine simply because I've basked in this Great Man's countenance.

Ladies and gentlemen, learn from him. Be inspired by him. He will make you better.